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Chris Aerfeldt showing at the Melbourne Art Fair, 1-5 August 2012.  Catalogue available here.

Matthew MURPHY publication:

‘Wisdom Testicles’ 2011

By Brad Downey, Matthew Murphy and Robert Stone.

"Wisdom Testicles" is a collection of collaborative works made by Brad Downey, Matthew Murphy, and Robert Stone. The works were made over the course of 2010 at Murphy's apartment in Berlin and on the night of November 27, 2010, in the Siebdruckwerkstatt (SDW) gallery space in Berlin.

English texts, Hardcover, 20 x 15 cm, 77 pages, sewn-bound (exposed), offset print, screen-printed cover.

Edition of 250 all numbered & signed by three artists

Currently available at, Motto, Berlin and Walther König, Berlin, or contact Wyer Gallery. Price 25 euro.

Mark THOMPSON’s work is currently on show at the Harley Gallery in ‘An English Perspective’.  The exhibition is a celebration of the modern art collection of Welbeck Abbey. Until December 24th.

Anja GANSTER is in ‘The Visitor’ at Locuslux Gallery, Amsterdam, September 25 - November 4.

Alistair McCLYMONT is in ‘Experimental Station. Research and Artistic Phenomena, CA2M Madrid, Spain, May 13 2011 - October 9th 2011.

Alistair McCLYMONT has a permanent installation, Bifurcation Inflation, at the Gibberd Garden, Harlow, UK.

Christine Aerfeldt’s exhibition ‘Home Stories’ (Adelaide Central Gallery) has won the 2011 Eran Svigos Award for best visual art and the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Christine Aerfeldt is representing Australia in the ‘G20 World Artists Festival’ and exhibition of paintings held in conjunction with the G20 World Leaders Summit in Seoul in November 2010.

‘Are you tired of living with feelings of suffering, helplessness and being overwhelmed?, 2011’ oil on linen, 140 x 120 cm, by Chris Aerfeldt