Wyer Gallery

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Alistair McClymont

The Limitations of Logic

May - June


Alexandra Flood

The Teaser Series

December 09 until end January.

Richard Galloway

High Street

3rd April - 16th May


Christine Aerfeldt

17th October - end of November

Silver Pearls and Golden Needles

(Cannot mend this heart of mine)

Alex Knell

Something is Happening Here

10th September - 10th October

Group Show

Gallery Artists

February - 12th March


Annabel Emson

An Other Space

21st November - 10th January 09

Christine Aerfeldt and Elinor Evans

September - October

Summer Show

Gallery Artists

24th July - 23rd August

Matthew Murphy

An American Werewolf in London

19th June - 19th July

Insight Out, curated by Anja Ganster

Monika Ruckstuhl

Anja Ganster

Genevieve Morin

Guillermos Bermejos

25th April - 25th May

Jennifer Taylor

Gallery Installation

14th February - 15th March


Graeme Hughes

29th November - 2nd  January

3rd April - 16th May

Richard Moon


11th October - 10th November

Stefan Holler

7th September - 6th October

Aliki Panagiotopoulou

July - August

Pippa Blake

6th June - 30th June

Henry Carroll

American Places

3rd April - 16th May

Divyesh Bhanderi

23rd February - 21st April

Alistair McClymont

17th January - 15th February


Anja Ganster

9th November - 16th December

Sam Jury

Disjecta Membra

5th - 31st October

Gary McDonald

6th - 30th September

Richard Moon

8th June - 12th July

Kate Raggett

11th May - 2nd June

Matthew Murphy

30th March - 27th April

Richard Galloway

8th February - 23rd March


New Paintings

Elinor Evans

Anja Ganster

Richard Moon

Matthew Murphy

December - January 06

Gerlinde Zantis

19th October - 25th November

Charlie England

The Hell in Hello

15th September - 12th October


Mark Thompson

New Paintings

30th September until 18th November

Nicola Yeoman

In Waiting

27th January until 17th March


Gerlinde Zantis

Stillstand / Standing Still

13th April until 2nd June